Golf teacher, physical training coach, dance instructor. Organizer of golf tournaments for beginners at Gradi Golf Club.

In the past associated with the Family Golf Centre – City Golf Wroclaw, as an teacher and promoter of golf. Love of music and dance was an impulse for explorations related to the theory of rhythm in golf. Developed teaching methods work well not only for children, adolescents and seniors but also for people with disabilities.

I will take care of the atmosphere and good fun and will provide in a light and clear way information about the equipment for playing golf, etiquette and help to learn the basic rules of the game of golf.

Individual lesson (on a TrackMan simulator): 180 PLN/hour* **

2-person lesson (on a TrackMan simulator): 265 PLN/hour* **

Individual lessons for children: (on a TrackMan simulator): 145 PLN/hour* **

2-person lesson for children: (on a TrackMan simulator): 235 PLN/hour* **

* Price includes renting the TrackMan simulator.
** Pricing valid until January 31, 2023
Indoor Golf Wrocław reserves the right to make changes in the pricing at any time.


Please contact Jacek Pomorski to confirm availability (date and time) and book an individual lesson on the TrackMan simulator!


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