I graduated from Biomedical Engineering with specialization in Biomechanics. I am currently writing a doctoral dissertation at Wrocław Polytechnic.

Sport accompanies me through my whole life. I love yoga, snowboarding, and inline skating. Since I was a child I played volleyball, then I tried horseback riding, and finally in 2014 I started my golfing adventure. Fascination with this sport lasts to this day. What I value in it the most is the unpredictability, beauty, and variety of golf courses and the “here and now” way of learning.

Golf is a sport for everybody, no matter the age or gender. I invite everyone who would like to take their first golfing steps or improve their abilities.

Individual lesson (on a TrackMan simulator): 210 PLN/hour* **

2-person lesson (on a TrackMan simulator): 300 PLN/hour* **

Individual lessons for Junior (on a TrackMan simulator): 180 PLN/hour* **

2-person lesson for Juniors (on a TrackMan simulator): 240 PLN/hour* **

3 LESSONS PACK (3 hrs.):  555 zł * ** ***
(for beginners on a TrackMan simulator)

6 LESSONS PACK (6 hrs.):  996 zł * ** ***
(for beginners on a TrackMan simulator)

* Price includes renting the TrackMan simulator. Required advance reservation of the TM station upon arrangement with the Trainer.
** Pricing valid until June 30, 2024.
*** Required advance reservation of the station upon arrangement with the trainer selected within the package. The Lesson Pack entitles you to use the offer within the number of hours purchased. The validity of the Package is 6 months from the date of purchase. The value of lessons not used during the validity period of the package is not exchangeable for cash equivalent.
Indoor Golf Wrocław reserves the right to make changes in the pricing at any time.


Please contact the trainer and schedule an individual lesson on the TrackMan simulator!


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