Terms & Conditions of the promotional action
“60 zloty per hour of mini-golf “


1) The organiser of the “60 zloty per hour of mini-golf”, hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion”, is Indoor Golf Sp z o.o. with registered office under Braniborska 14, 53-380 Wrocław, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by Wrocław-Fabryczna District Court, VI Economic Division of the National Court Register under KRS no. 0000899471, NIP: 8971891690, REGON: 388900510.
2) The Promotion is addressed to customers of the Organizer, hereinafter referred to as “Participants”.
3) The promotion includes the service of booking a TrackMan golf simulator station including a mini-golf game „Streets of Neon” using the discount coupon code: minigolf
4) The Promotion covers a total of 3 bookings per Participant made online on the Organizer’s website during the Promotion period. Participants are entitled to receive a 50% discount on the base price (PLN 120/hr) for the service of booking a TrackMan golf simulator station including a mini-golf game „Streets of Neon”, under the following conditions:
a. The discount coupon is in the form of an electronic code that entitles the Participant to receive a one-time percentage discount corresponding to the value of the discount coupon when booking a service through the website www.indoorgolfwroclaw.pl.
b. The discount coupon is redeemed by the Participant entering the electronic code referred to in paragraph 3 during the reservation in step 5: Payment Information in the “Masz kod rabatowy? (Do you have a discount code?) field and validating the entry made.
c. The number of discount coupon codes is limited to 50.
d. Participant may use the discount coupon three times only within the available quantity during the Promotion Period.
e. Reservations made under different, newly created user accounts by the same person are not eligible for the promotion.
f. The maximum number of people using the station under the Promotion may not exceed 4 people.
g. By using the Promotion, the Participant agrees that the email address used to create the user account may be subscribed to the Newsletter.
h. Promotion is subject to availability of TrackMan golf simulator stations.
f. The discount applied to the coupon is not exchangeable for the equivalent in kind or cash and does not add up to other promotional offers made available by the Organizer.
5) The Promotion is valid from July 25, 2023 and is valid until further notice or until the discount code limit is reached.
6) Any complaints regarding the Promotion may be submitted by the Participants via e-mail to the following address: info@indoorgolfwroclaw.pl or in writing to the Organiser’s registered office. The Organiser shall handle complaints without undue delay.
7) Any matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Service at www.indoorgolfwroclaw.pl and generally applicable provisions of Polish law.