Our golf simulators use the TrackMan 4 advanced Dual Radar Technology.

After every shot you receive accurate statistics, like ball flight distance, trajectory, ball speed, total distance, speed of the club head, path of the club swing or exact ball impact location on the club face. This covers almost 30 various parameters, most of which are unavailable on normal Driving Ranges.

TrackMan 4 is a compact system adjusted to players on every skill level. Beginners will find an approachable introduction to the world of Golf. Once you know the basics you can train and compete on many of virtually recreated real-world courses. Finally, advanced players gain reliable data allowing them to improve shot efficiency or precision and better plan game strategy.

TrackMan 4 simulators make each training, competition, and game more attractive. Play a friendly round on a chosen course, go to a virtual driving range or check out fun games, which can test your skills of short game, controlling the ball path, accuracy from a given distance and many more.

Dual Radar Technology featured in TrackMan 4 is a milestone in evolution of Launch Monitor systems to assist with learning and training golf, professional golf club fitting or entertainment.



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